Big firm aptitude without the big firm attitude

Industry Expertise

There’s nothing quite like working with an expert.

After all, a CPA who knows your industry is a CPA who can anticipate unique challenges. We know what’s coming because we have seen it before – and we can help you enjoy every conceivable advantage.

In other words, there’s no learning as you go. The learning part happened years ago.

Service Expertise

Lee & Crowley is a full service business advisory firm offering experience and solutions beyond the day to day numbers. Combining unparalleled large and small business experience with technology and personal service we are able to provide you with assistance unrivaled in today’s market. This website will provide you with a brief overview of what we offer, but nothing substitutes a face to face consultation. Call or email us today to learn how we can serve you.

Competitive Advantage

Big firm experience and industry knowledge came with us. High overhead and operational inefficiencies ? We left that behind.

As a smaller firm, we don’t have the same overhead the larger firms are trying to cover. That makes our pricing competitive – especially when you consider the level of attention and expertise you get when you work with us.

It’s partner-level service without the partner-level price tag.
And it’s custom-tailored to fit your organization.

The Bottom Line

Most accounting firms put you with a staff-level accountant. They can crunch numbers, but they rarely have the expertise to add additional value. It’s a dime-a-dozen experience that varies little from one firm to the next.

With us, the experience varies profoundly.

Instead of a staff-level accountant, you get a partner-level CPA with proven expertise. And that’s true for all of our service lines, from audits to tax preparation to due diligence. You also get personalized service and deep industry knowledge. It’s why we’ve kept so many of our clients for so many years.

Here’s the bottom line: When you work with Lee & Crowley, you work with Chris, Mark or Ryan. Or all of us. That’s just how it goes around here.


At Lee & Crowley, we bring deep industry knowledge, decades of experience, and an emphasis on personal service to every client relationship. When you work with us, you work with experienced professionals – always and without exception.

If you’re looking for a firm that understands your business and delivers quality work that exceeds expectations, look no further. We’re right here.

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